Apple’s latest partnership to promote Apple Music is an interesting one: it’s with ‘Indian Uber’ Ola. It’ll see Apple’s music-streaming service made available to people hailing a ride with Ola, via its in-car ‘Ola Play’ entertainment platform. “Cars were initially built for the driver, but with ride-sharing, the control needs to be there for the passenger, and Ola Play works along that,” said Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal according to the Los Angeles Times. This isn’t the first music-streaming / ride-sharing partnership, of course. Spotify and Uber paired up in 2014, while in June 2016 Uber also signed a deal with Pandora, which sits alongside its Spotify option. These deals don’t appear to be massive stream-generators yet: Pandora said in September that its Uber deal had led to more than 4m hours of music being played, which as we calculated at the time was only around 0.07% of overall Pandora usage. Still, these deals are useful promotion for streaming services, and as the LA Times notes about the Ola news, may provide Apple with an invaluable firehose of data as it mulls its future car strategy.

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