Remember the days of peak gamification? The mania for adding points and rewards to everything has died down in the last couple of years. Now the How We Get To Next website has a very good feature examining why. “I’d say gamification was certainly over-hyped, like just most new technologies that claim they will ‘disrupt’ something,” says one interviewee, professor Richard Landers. “There’s increasing acceptance that while gamification can help in certain circumstances if designed well, just throwing virtual points at someone is unlikely to change their behaviour in any meaningful way.” Another professor (of gamification), Juho Hamari, agrees. “If you look at the majority of gamification systems out there, they are not very different to basic points systems,” he says. “Gamification only becomes something unique when it draws from a broader set of different design disciplines.” There’s a lot more to read, and with gamification still part of apps and loyalty schemes in the music world, it’s well worth a look.

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