Bonobo track expanded audience through Spotify playlists


There’s been a lot of discussion this year about whether Spotify’s big in-house playlists present an advantage to the biggest North American artists.

Here’s something that bucks that trend: a partnership between UK-based independent label Ninja Tune and Spotify for a ‘timed-release premiere’ of Bonobo’s track ‘Break Apart’ at the top of Spotify’s New Indie Mix playlist, which has nearly 730,000 followers.

“What we appreciate about this partnership in particular is that it is not restrictive and forced by exclusives and guidelines. It developed out of a mutual excitement for the album and the desire to try something new and create synergies between the global promotion, marketing and streaming plot for the record,” Ninja Tune’s head of global digital sales Marie Clausen told Music Ally.

Since the premiere, and a partnership with Vogue, ‘Break Apart’ has been streamed more than 1.2m times on Spotify.

“There is definitely potential to explore this further. What we liked about doing this was that the playlist premiere didn’t require any exclusivity,” said Clausen. “Premiering the track on simultaneously with the playlist was another interesting editorial angle to strengthen the campaign.”

Bonobo photo credit: Neil Krug

Stuart Dredge

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