Facebook ended 2016 still under scrutiny for the role ‘fake news’ on its network played in the US presidential election. But the social network is going in to 2017 also under pressure from music rightsholders, eager to see it sign licensing deals for the music that’s being uploaded (in videos) by its users.

Just after Christmas, the Financial Times offered an update on Facebook’s progress, as it continues to work on its equivalent to YouTube’s Content ID for tracking copyrighted content in uploads. However, the piece warned that actual licensing deals are “unlikely before the spring”.

Billboard followed up citing its own sources’ views on the copyright system. “They see the huge amount of traffic music content is responsible for on their platform and don’t want to be on the wrong end of an artist fight,” said one. “They also see that there’s a potential opportunity to position themselves as friendly to content creators as opposed to YouTube, so they are working fast to get this right.”

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