Streaming is now 80% of the UK singles market


It was no surprise to see Drake dominating the UK singles rankings for 2016. His ‘One Dance’ notched up 1.95m combined sales last year according to the Official Charts Company – 530k downloads and 142m streams.

But alongside that figure, the OCC announced that streaming now accounts for 80% of the singles market in the UK, which is one reason ‘One Dance’ held such an iron grip on the singles chart’s top spot for so long.

That’s one of the reasons the OCC is changing its singles-chart formula from the start of 2017: now 150 streams will equal a ‘sale’ for a track, rather than the previous figure of 100.

“It is testament to the rapidly changing nature of music consumption in the UK – and the huge shift we are seeing towards streaming – that we are updating the way we measure the contribution of streams to the make-up of the official charts as quickly as we are,” OCC boss Martin Talbot told CMU.

“Streaming is growing exponentially and the weighting we use to reflect its impact will inevitably keep evolving with it.”

Stuart Dredge

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