Spain recorded-music market grows thanks to 1m subscribers


Piracy once made Spain one of the basket cases of the global music market, but in 2016 the country saw its music sales grow by 1.7% thanks to streaming subscriptions.

That’s a third consecutive year of growth, with industry body Promusicae reporting yesterday that there are now more than one million paying music subscribers in Spain, driving the 61% digital proportion of its €163m sales overall.

Those digital revenues were up 26%, including a 37.4% rise in streaming subscriptions to €62m, and a 24% rise in ad-supported streaming revenues to €25m.

In 2015, according to the IFPI, Spain’s €161.2m of recorded-music revenue made it the 13th biggest music market in the world, and the 16th biggest for digital.

Given where it was a few years ago, when some labels were talking openly about giving up on Spain as a legal music market, the progress of the last three years is welcome indeed.

That said, the 1.7% rise in 2016 is significantly down on the 10% growth in 2015: Promusicae and its label members will be keen to reignite that growth in 2017 rather than see it stall entirely.

Stuart Dredge

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