Spotify UK bags Danone, Bose and Samsung for ‘branded moments’


Spotify’s latest advertising initiative involves selling ‘branded moments’ to brands based on its popular playlists.

The initiative launched in the UK in late 2016, and now Spotify has announced that Danone, Bose, Sainsbury’s and Samsung are four of the first brands to throw some money at the idea.

Danone has committed to a year-long deal to associate its ‘Light & Free’ brand with what Spotify is describing as its ‘Chill’ moment – in other words, targeting listeners to chillout playlists with ads for yoghurt.

Bose has also jumped aboard the chill bandwagon (chillwagon?) with adverts for its headphones, while supermarket Sainsbury’s is spending against Spotify’s ‘Dinner’ moment with its new #FoodDancing campaign.

There’s even an official song – ‘Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum)’ – released on Spotify by artist MysDiggi, complete with cheery Kiwi Fruit-sporting artwork

Finally, Samsung is spending on Spotify’s ‘Fitness’ moment around workout playlists, toting its Gear Fit 2 and S7 smartphone promotional offer.

We’ve seen how Spotify’s playlists carry growing clout for breaking music, but now the company hopes they’ll also provide new growth for its much-discussed ad-funded business too.

Stuart Dredge

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