CASH Music seeks monthly donations to continue its mission


CASH Music has spent the last 10 years building digital tools for musicians, with the last three of those supported by funding from The Shuttleworth Foundation.

With that program coming to an end, though, the nonprofit body is turning to its community for financial support.

“We face two challenges: First, we want to become more community driven in our decision making. Second, funding for tools and education focused on the careers of working musicians will always be elusive,” blogged CASH Music this month.

“So we’ve decided to try something new: to become a community driven and community funded nonprofit organisation. An unusual flavour of social enterprise based on something between co-op and fan club… We’re opening up the organisation to members who make a monthly donation — they’ll get an ongoing curated collection of digital downloads and video debuts, exclusive merch and music for sale, and most importantly a say in our future.”

The suggested monthly donation is $9. This ties in to a new feature for CASH Music: a tool to help artists build their own “patronage-style subscription” programs as an alternative to Patreon and the revived-by-Kickstarter Drip.

Stuart Dredge

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