Ed Sheeran ‘vehemently opposed’ to secondary ticketing


Ed Sheeran is “deeply concerned” about secondary ticketing, according to his representatives. And no surprise: after tickets for his next set of UK concerts went on sale, they quickly appeared on secondary sites for massive markups.

“We urged all fans not to engage with them. We are vehemently opposed to the unethical practices that occur in the secondary market,” Sheeran’s representative told the Mirror.

“We have written to each of our partners, be they promoters, venues or ticketing companies, detailing the way in which we expect tickets to be sold: direct to fans.”

Will that work though? Midia Research’s Mark Mulligan thinks this latest secondary controversy illustrates “a broken industry” in ticketing.

“The big ticketing companies are not merely passive observers, they are some of the biggest villains of the piece,” claimed Mulligan in a blog post, before suggesting that for artists like Sheeran, their core fans risk being priced out of seeing them live.

He noted the “subdued crowds and less vibrant atmospheres” due to (admittedly non-secondary) price inflation for sports tickets. “The same thing is happening to live music, with young fans being forced out in favour of older audiences,” wrote Mulligan.

Stuart Dredge

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8 responses
  • wendy says:

    I know how Ed feels my little girl and I have tried non stop to purchase 2 tickets needs to be seated as I cannot stand for any period of time But we have had no luck at all and we really wanted to see Ed at the O2 🙁 its a sad fact of life that the younger fans cannot make the outlay to afford such High price tickets My girly is only 8

  • wendy says:

    I know the up priced tickets are beyond our reach which is a drastic shame

  • Jacqueline DeCarlo says:

    Dear Ed,
    I am so happy you are fighting against this. My granddaughter is a crazy fan of yours and has been way before you were popular. I paid a small forting flying her up to Buffalo where I live from Jacksonville , Florida so we could see you in Cleveland where you were playing. Our seats were so far away but my sweet 16 yr old stood crying gazing at your performances. Then I paid 500.00 FOR 2 TICKETS WHEN YOU PLAYED IN CANANDAIGUA, NY BUT when I went to pick them up the guy never showed, so I was able to buy 2 more tickets there . It is awful what these 2nd hand people do with tickets

  • Margaret Smith says:

    I,m from Newcastle upon Tyne I went on to Metro Arena events booking box and was redirect to Viagogo and it said the tickets were £184.79 for two Tickets so it being my son in law Birthday I went ahead it ended up being £184.79 each and I,m clicking away on thinking that was the Price altogether and ended up being £369.58 for tickets £107.50 for booking Fee £9.95 Delivery fee £21.51 VAT altogether it cost £508.60, Besides Feeling like a fool , and I dare not tell the rest of my Family, I Learned a Very Expenceive Valuable Lesson all i can put it down is i was not well at the time and maybe if there is a next time i will get one of my Grandchildren to do it for me but I was truly rip off .

  • Laura Auld says:

    My boss is so awesome he let me and 2 other colleagues try and get 4 tickets (his wife wanted to come too!) and 3 of us sat there at 9.55am trying to F5 and get on 2 sites. We’d tried to get O2 priority tickets a few days before but they went quickly too.
    Hopefully, one day, we’ll get to see you.

  • lara green says:

    my friend sat on her pc, from 9:50 am to get tickets for both of us (i was at work so couldnt myself )on both the pre sale day and the thursday, and tried every single site going..she couldnt get a single thing, and literally saw them on ebay within 15 minutes for massively over the top prices. we had no hope of getting anything, and are just trying to console ourselves with the new album out soon xx

  • Jackie Boylan says:

    Absolutely gutted we didn’t get ticket, tried for over 30mins & watched the tickets disappear 🙁
    PLEASE Ed put more UK Dates on – Leeds? I am a massive fan and I’m heartbroken I’m not going to get to see you

  • I simply cannot afford the money on these secondary sites. It is so unfair that these companies are able to profit MASSIVELY on the fans desperate need to see their idols.
    Gutted we didnt get tickets 🙁
    Ed PLEASE put more UK dates on xxxx

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