Tech ‘evangelist’ Robert Scoble is as convinced that Apple is going to launch its own augmented reality (AR) device in the next year as Music Ally was that Apple was readying a ‘Yellow Submarine’ Beatles iPod back in the day.

That doesn’t bode well, but Scoble is pressing his case at every opportunity. Scoble has now suggested that Apple’s AR device – “a very lightweight pair of glasses, with the electronics on other places on your body, such as in an iPhone or other wearable” according to AppleInsider – will make its debut later this year. “This is Tim Cook’s legacy,” said Scoble in his most recent interview.

“In fact, it’s Steve Jobs’s legacy too.” In fairness, there is some evidence to support this. CEO Cook has talked much more warmly about AR than about VR; while Apple acquired AR startup Metaio in 2015.

Talking of which, Apple was recently granted a pair of patents for AR hardware and software, which Metaio originally filed for in 2014. The hardware consists of a “wearable information system having at least one camera” – for example, Google Glass-style specs. If Scoble is right, Apple’s WWDC event in June would be the logical launch party for such a device.

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