Spotify’s latest partner is… a weather website?


Well, there’s no question mark needed: Spotify HAS teamed with weather website AccuWeather, the latest in a line of partnerships that includes Tinder, Uber and Headspace.

The corporate messaging in this case is that the weather affects the kinds of music people listen to: “Sunny days typically bring higher-energy, happier-sounding music…  Rainy days bring lower-energy, sadder-sounding music… Snowy days bring more instrumental music,” and so on.

The two companies have launched a website called Climatune that offers playlists for various cities based on different weather conditions. We don’t doubt the data-science behind all this: Spotify’s blog post has plenty of graphs showing how familiar Echo Nest metrics like acousticness and danceability tie in with weather conditions.

But it’s a bit of a shame that Climatune isn’t personalised: getting people to log in and then generating them playlists based on *their* preferences mapped to the current weather in their location, rather than lumping people into city-based playlists.

Stuart Dredge

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