Vevo focusing on international expansion before subscriptions


Vevo has not abandoned plans to develop a subscription tier for its service, but the company is putting that ambition on the back burner for now.

“It’s completely still in the cards,” CEO Erik Huggers told Variety, while also delivering the message that international expansion has become Vevo’s priority for now. “This is about timing and sequencing… We will switch it on when it’s right.”

Vevo claims that 80% of its audience is outside the US, but so far it has only launched localised websites and apps in 14 countries. According to the piece, Huggers is keen to double or even triple this by the end of 2017.

Also high on his to-do list is more original content, but for now Vevo is opting for a Spotify-style shortform focus, rather than an Apple Music-esque tilt at longer formats.

“We are not going to commission expensive, Netflix-style TV shows. That’s not what our audience wants. For us, it’s all about short-form video,” said Huggers, while also throwing some shade in the direction of the services mentioned above.

“It’s wonderful that all of these companies are getting into video. But these are audio companies first. For us, it is the core of our strategy.”

Stuart Dredge

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