News has two new video apps: Pingpong and Squad


The success of musical-selfie app has already spawned a spin-off: live-streaming app Now the company has launched two more standalone video-focused apps: Pingpong and Squad. The former promises to be “your ultimate video messenger to communicate with friends”.

Or, at least, it will be once it’s working: TechCrunch noted in its report that the app may have gone live before it’s ready for signups. Meanwhile, Squad launched quietly in January but hasn’t been spotted until now: it’s billed as “the fastest way to start a free group call with your best friends… one tap to invite your squad to meet”.

Both apps are free to download and use. hasn’t talked about its strategy with the apps, which remind us of the kind of standalone experiments that Facebook tends to launch to gauge consumer demand for new social features.

If can migrate a decent portion of its 40 million daily active users over to its wider family of video-communication apps, it could make the company more appealing to potential acquirers, which may well be the main strategy here.

Stuart Dredge

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