Nielsen reveals early US Prince streaming stats


Prince’s back catalogue – the portion of it that was made available on streaming services on Sunday, at least – was streamed 4.7m times on Sunday and Monday in the US.

That’s according to Nielsen, which has published some early data from that country.

“From a baseline artist total on Saturday of around 37k streams for Prince’s catalogue (limited availability, pre-wide release) the streams grew to over 1m on Sunday,” claimed Nielsen.

“This grew to nearly 3.7m on Monday. In the first two full days… of his wide release of streaming content, Prince’s catalogue was streamed over 4.7m times, which is more than his catalogue has been streamed this entire year prior to wide release (4.3m YTD through 2/9).”

More figures: Pandora says it had 686k listeners in the first 24 hours of Prince’s wide streaming release, while Spotify’s public metrics update this morning showed that Prince now has just under 2.5 million monthly listeners on its service.

(Although to put that into perspective, he needs to pick up another 39.7 million-odd to catch up with the most popular artist on Spotify, Ed Sheeran, who currently has just under 42.2 million monthly listeners.)

Written by: Stuart Dredge