Shazam generates ‘30m clicks per month’ to music-streaming services


Shazam is currently generating 30m ‘clicks’ a month to music-streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, but it’s also still generating 400k daily song downloads from stores like iTunes too.

That’s according to Jon Davies, director of EU partnerships at Shazam, speaking at the FastForward conference in Amsterdam today. He also said that the company is seeing 20m tags a day by its users.

Davies also said that Shazam’s recent partnership with Snapchat is already paying off, albeit without revealing specific numbers for the moment. Snapchat users can identify songs from within the social app, via an integration of Shazam’s technology.

“We see a ton of engagement from a different platform, and arguably it’s opened up our tech to a different demographic as well,” he said.

“Numbers, I can’t say too much. But it’s been huge for us. Snapchat have got huge growth at the moment, and it’s great for us to be able to embed our tech in an app like that. The numbers are pretty huge.”

Davies said that Shazam is likely to put out a press release in a month or so with a figure “but I’m not going to drop that today!”

Davies talked about Shazam’s continued ability to identify breaking tracks and artists early, noting that artist Desiigner made it onto Shazam’s ‘watchlist’ in December 2015, six months before his peak on the Billboard chart.

“More often than not you’ll see tracks trend on Shazam before they trend on Spotify, before they trend on any charts,” said Davies.

He also talked about how Shazam is working with artists, for example getting Disclosure to tag every track from their last album with a caption about the song, while launching a ‘Disclosure’s Shazam Anthems’ playlist on Spotify.

The company also used its visual recognition technology to create an “interactive ticket” for Robbie Williams, working with Ticketmaster to get fans to scan their ticket and access digital content on their phones.

Shazam has also worked with Island records around its range of beers. Drinkers can tag the can with Shazam to access a Spotify playlist designed to complement it.

“Not only can fans discover your music by listening to the radio, but by Shazam-scanning a beer can!” said Davies.

Written by: Stuart Dredge