Kobalt’s David Emery has been blogging again, in his usual thoughtful style.

This time he’s wondering what the musical equivalent of Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ – “the first truly mobile native content medium that has emerged… a medium designed for how we use our phones, and the social constructs that have developed from that, rather then a medium that has been translated and adapted to fit” – might be.

Emery rules out playlists as still rooted in the past with no visual component; and suggests that while Musical.ly clips might be closer, they’re not really about ‘listening’ to the music itself.

“There’s space for something else, and a massive opportunity for whoever gets it right. It’s a format that would be interactive, when you wanted it to, but completely passive if you don’t,” wrote Emery.

“It would be designed around skips. It would be visual, rather then just purely audio. It would be ephemeral, so you’d engage every day. It would be user generated, but with some of those users being professionals. There’s still not a streaming service that has got the balance between user content and curated content quite right. This will happen, in some form or another, soon enough…”

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