Drake More Life races to 78m streams on Spotify


Unlike his last album ‘Views’, Drake’s new release ‘More Life’ is available on every streaming service from day one. It’s already reaping the rewards on Spotify.

The album (although it’s officially being referred to as a ‘playlist’) has raced to 78.5m streams on Spotify since its release on Saturday, according to the streaming service’s public metrics, which were updated earlier today.

The obvious comparison is to the 56.7m first-day streams of Ed Sheeran’s latest album ‘Divide’ earlier in March, which shattered the previous record, 29m first-day streams for The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’.

Is Drake a record-breaker? It’s hard to say, since the 78.5m streams of ‘More Life’ came in the day-and-a-half since the album’s release.

Our instinct is that it didn’t beat ‘Divide’, not least because Spotify hasn’t announced that it has – but also if the streams were spread fairly evenly over the day and a half, that would suggest somewhere around 52m day-one streams for Drake.

Update: Spotify published some figures a couple of hours after this article was published. It says that ‘More Life’ totalled 61.3m streams on its first full day of release (i.e. Sunday), thus beating Sheeran’s record. Drake also now holds the record for most one-day streams for an artist’s entire catalogue, with 76.4m.

Update 2: Now Apple has come out swinging with its own stats. ‘More Life’ was streamed 89.9m times in its first 24 hours on Apple Music, the company told The Verge. That’s impressive going, given the gap in user numbers.

The most popular track so far on ‘More Life’ isn’t one of the high-profile collaborations with Kanye West, 2 Chainz or Sampha. Instead it’s the album’s third track, ‘Passionfruit’, which has been streamed nearly 5.9m times so far.

At the time of writing, Drake hasn’t been able to knock Sheeran off the top of Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart. Ed’s ‘Shape of You’ retains top spot with just under 6.8m daily plays, with Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’ in second (4.2m) and ‘Free Smoke’ in third with 4.1m.

Drake has 11 of the top 20 slots on that chart, although his 32.5 million monthly listeners only makes him the fifth most popular artist on Spotify at the time of writing. Bear in mind that the album’s weekend release means the streaming service hasn’t yet thrown its full playlist weight behind ‘More Life’ as it did for ‘Divide’.

The launch of ‘More Life’ came as Spotify announced that Drake was the first artist to pass 10bn streams on its service.

As the album playlist went live, The Verge reported that despite its availability across all streaming services, Drake’s (rumoured) $19m deal with Apple Music isn’t toast just yet.

“His relationship with the company is still intact,” claimed the tech site. “Calling More Life a ‘playlist’ instead of a mixtape was a collaboration between Drake and Apple Music’s team, and it’s expected their relationship — and Drake dropping exclusive content on the service — will continue.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge