Amper sees music future as ‘collaboration between humans and AI’


Amper Music came to our attention with its recent inclusion in the first cohort for the Techstars Music accelerator, billed as the latest startup using artificial intelligence for music composition.

Now CEO Drew Silverstein has been talking about the company’s plans to use AI to compete with production-music libraries.

“We have a core belief that the future of music will be created through the collaboration between humans and AI, and we want that collaboration to propel the creative process forward,” he told Synchblog.

Like UK rival Jukedeck, Amper will ask its users what style of music, mood and length they want, before creating a piece that they can edit and adjust.

“You work with Amper as your collaborative tool and composing partner, and at the end of the process you’re able to download the music and obtain a royalty-free global and perpetual license to use it,” said Silverstein. The company will use a subscription model for its customers.

“As a human race we will always value music created by humans, it’s part of what makes us who we are. But from a technological capability, Amper will certainly be able to compose music at that same level,” he added.

“But our perspective is that this is a tool to help enhance the lives of creatives, whether they are musicians or not. It’s a collaborative partner; an enhancing technology rather than a displacing technology.”

Stuart Dredge

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