Twitter opens up Periscope to external hardware and software


Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming software is now integrated into its mobile apps, but now the company is opening it up further with something called the Periscope Producer API.

Twitter says it “opens up new ways to share live video, such as starting broadcasts directly from external hardware, software, cameras and web services – without the need to connect them via the app”.

That should make Periscope more usable for professional broadcasts, which could include music concerts. Last week’s Depeche Mode album-premiere gig in Berlin, which we reported on yesterday, is a good example of that.

“The API enables third-party applications to authenticate Periscope accounts, configure streams, start and stop broadcasts and publish broadcasts to Twitter,” explained Twitter yesterday.

It has already named a selection of launch partners, including some that can stream live video to Twitter but also other social platforms at the same time.

That’s the bigger opportunity for musicians, we think: not picking a single social service for a live stream, but running one across several at a time.

Stuart Dredge

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