‘Posts on Google’ feature expands in the US and Brazil


When the music industry has talked about what appears in Google’s search results, it has usually involved complaints about links to piracy sites.

However, Google is expanding an initiative that could be much more positive for musicians: a feature called ‘Posts on Google’ which involves “allowing people and places to post directly on Google Search”.

Google has been experimenting with the idea since last year, including for politicians in the US elections.

“Starting today, in the U.S. and Brazil, we’re taking it to the next step and opening up the application process so that organisations and people within specific categories can post directly on Google,” explained the company yesterday.

“Now, when you search for museums, sports teams, sports leagues, movies and, in Brazil for now, musicians, you can find content from that participating organisation or person, right on Google.”

It’s definitely something Brazilian artists should be giving a try: Vanessa da Mata is cited as one of the local musicians already testing the feature.

Stuart Dredge

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