Twitter may launch a subscription tier with Tweetdeck


Would you pay to use Twitter? The social network is surveying users to gauge whether there’s enough demand for a premium subscription tier, based around its existing Tweetdeck application.

“We’re conducting this survey to assess the interest in a new, more enhanced version of Tweetdeck,” a spokesperson told The Verge, which was following up tweets from Twitter users who’d been sent the survey.

“We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about people’s Twitter experience and to better inform our product investment decisions, and we’re exploring several ways to make Tweetdeck even more valuable for professionals.”

Twitter acquired British startup Tweetdeck for $40m in 2011, and while the desktop application continues to work, it hasn’t felt top-priority for Twitter in recent years.

That may be changing: according to the survey, Twitter is mulling charging a monthly subscription for features including “valuable viewing, posting, and signalling tools like alerts, trends and activity analysis, advanced analytics, and composing and posting tools all in one customisable dashboard”.

Potentially useful for labels and music marketers, although they’ll want to know what any revamp of Tweetdeck offers above existing tools like Hootsuite.

Stuart Dredge

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