Amazon doesn’t expect music to go down ‘Netflix originals’ path


Amazon may reportedly be pumping $4.5bn into video content this year, including a hefty chunk of that into its own original TV shows and films. But don’t expect a similar strategy to come in to play for the company’s music offering.

“What’s happened in video with Netflix and Amazon Video is unique to the video industry and that’s the way those services have evolved,” Amazon’s music boss Steve Boom told MBW. “I wouldn’t draw a tight parallel with music.”

Amazon has curated several original compilations focused on acoustic tracks, Christmas and children, but Boom said they have a specific goal of “giving a voice to developing artists: we have put a lot of marketing behind those projects, which give exposure to artists at a level that they otherwise would frankly not get”.

He warned against assumptions that the originals video model will apply to music. “It’s a fair question, but they’re not the same thing: we’re not building a record label here like they’ve built a TV studio down in Amazon Video.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge