200m people are now using Instagram Stories


In August 2016, Instagram launched its Snapchat-cloning ‘Stories’ feature, putting people’s ephemeral snaps right at the top of its homescreen to ensure nobody missed them.

Eight months on, how has that gone? “Over 200 million people now use Instagram Stories every day,” announced Instagram over the weekend. And as every journalist has rushed to point out, that’s more daily active users than Snapchat has overall – it averaged 158 million in the final quarter of 2016.

The milestone came alongside some new features for Instagram Stories that also take aim at Snapchat: the ability to make ‘selfie stickers’ (none more #2017) to paste into photos and videos, as well as localised ‘geostickers’ for London, Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago.

It’s not just Snapchat in the sights of Instagram’s product development team though. Yesterday, it added a new feature called ‘Collections’ which helps people bookmark Instagram posts and save them into different folders. Exactly like Pinterest, in other words.

We’ve come a long way since Instagram was just about taking and sharing nice photos…

Stuart Dredge

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