Kasabian take to Twitch for music and game live streams


Kasabian are the latest band to work with Amazon on a digital marketing campaign, and in their case, Amazon’s live-video subsidiary Twitch is playing a major role.

Yesterday, the band visited Twitch’s studios in London to take part in an online gaming event playing FIFA 17, taking on two Twitch stars as well as taking part in a Q&A with fans.

(The football aspect isn’t random: the band are fans of Leicester City, who are playing the second leg of their Champions League quarter final this week).

Kasabian are also playing a gig on Wednesday in London that will be streamed live on their Twitch channel, with both live events sponsored by Amazon Music, and coming ahead of the release of the band’s new album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ on 5 May.

It’s one of the first times we’ve seen Amazon Music and Twitch working together on a music promotion in this way.

“This event perfectly represents how Twitch has expanded beyond being a destination solely for live streamed video game content into a broader platform for other industries, such as music and sports, to connect with fans,” said Twitch’s EMEA director of marketing Jason Fletcher.

There is clearly potential for more of this kind of thing, especially for bands whose gaming habits fit with Twitch’s traditional focus.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Daniel Ayers says:

    With the zeal of someone who’s learned about this themselves recently- playing FIFA on Twitch is not quite pointless but it’s a really really really tiny part of what’s actually popular on the platform.

    Sports simulation games don’t even register on the pie chart of ‘most viewed game types’.
    Some PR value of course, but in terms of real audience engagement… nope.

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