Taylor Swift may not be back on Spotify yet, but her label boss Scott Borchetta thinks the music industry needs Spotify to survive and prosper.

The Big Machine chief gave his views on streaming at Canadian Music Week, as reported by Digital Music News.

“The genie is out of the bottle and she’s not going back in. So we have got to make premium subscription services work, period, the end. But that means we need a healthy Spotify,” said Borchetta.

He also suggested that streaming’s high-water point has yet to come: when mainstream music fans (in the US) adopt the technology.

“The battle of Nashville has not even started yet. So get down there and start investing. Because when middle America catches up with streaming, then there will be the coming revolution.”

Borchetta’s comments on premium streaming, meanwhile, do make us wonder if Spotify’s moves to allow limited premium-windowing might lead to a rapprochement with Swift before her next album.

“Streaming absolutely is the future, but let’s not forget — and you know I literally wear it on my sleeve… Music has value. I find that anything that we pay for we value more. So I think that everybody should be on a premium service of some sort.”

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  1. Excuse me Scott. But Bullshit.

    Spotify’s business model is unprofitable and unsustainable – ponzi scheme.
    Spotify’s business is a Loss Leader to all it’s major competitors – Apple, Google, and Amazon.
    Spotify’s business is not optimized for the content creators (writers and artists).
    Spotify’s business practices are unethical – letting labels take equity that does not get distributed to the artists’ they represent.
    Spotify’s business practices are opaque rather than transparent – NDA hidden distribution deals with labels – playola!

    Finally, the only way you have a healthy Spotify is if Facebook buys them to get into the Loss Leader Music business.

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