Spotify Codes are Spotify’s equivalent of Snapchat’s Snapcodes


Ever seen Snapchat’s ‘Snapcodes’, which make it quick to follow other people in the app? Now Spotify is getting its own version: Spotify Codes.

“Now there’s a unique code for everything on Spotify. Scan a code on a friend’s phone and go to that song, artist or playlist,” is how the streaming service is explaining it within its mobile app, in a pop-up showing off the new feature.

We understand that the thinking is along similar lines to Snapchat: a way to quickly scan codes on other screens or in the real world, to deep-link in to Spotify.

While friends sharing playlists is certainly one use, the much more interesting aspect is what Spotify Codes could mean for artist marketing. Flyers, posters, billboards… perhaps even TV advertising – something that would take Spotify Codes into the territory traditionally occupied by Shazam.

Spotify tested the new feature out in Australia but it’s now rolling out globally. We’d expect to see labels and marketers jumping on the feature quickly as a way to nudge fans towards their artists and music – although we’ll be just as interested in the response of, say, Apple Music if Spotify Codes start spreading far and wide through official marketing too…

Stuart Dredge

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