Instagram ‘micro-influencer’ marketing firm Takumi raises $4m


UK-based digital marketing firm Takumi has raised a £3.2m ($4m) funding round to continue developing its platform for targeting ‘micro-influencers’ on Instagram.

The Series A round follows a seed round of $3.1m, which hints at the interest within the branding world in this area of digital marketing, which focuses on social stars with smaller but more engaged audiences.

In Takumi’s case, that means Instagram users with between 1,000 and 200,000 followers, having worked on more than 600 campaigns for clients including Sony Music and Havas.

Takumi and rival agencies have been making their case by commissioning research this year. Takumi claims that micro-influencers “generate a higher engagement level of 2.9%” than bigger stars, for example.

Another agency, HelloSociety, claimed in April that micro-influencers provide a 60% higher engagement rate than bigger social stars when working for brands, while their cheaper fees make them ‘6.7 times more efficient’ to hire.

Stuart Dredge

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