Depeche Mode hand their Facebook page over to fans for a year


Have you ever seen the official @sweden Twitter account, which promotes the country by letting a different citizen tweet from it every day? Depeche Mode are taking a leaf out of that book, except with their official Facebook page.

The band are letting a different fan moderate the page every day for a year, including the odd celebrity – astronaut Tim Peake, skateboarder Tony Hawk and even Linkin Park.

The scheme is the work of ad agency BBH LA, working with Facebook’s own creative studio.

“Our deck, when we first presented it, centred on, how do we promote a new album for a band that’s been around for 30 years? We let the fans do it for us,” BBH’s Emily Rosen told AdAge.

“It doesn’t require the band to actively promote themselves,” added Depeche Mode co-manager Alex Pollock. “It’s much more about fans speaking to other fans, a platform for them to come together and amplify the band in that way.”

BBH claims the first month of the campaign saw a 74.4% increase in unpaid reach, and a 26.4% increase in engaged users.

Stuart Dredge

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