Katy Perry breaks her own YouTube record with ‘Bon Appetit’


Katy Perry is a YouTube record-breaker for the second time. In fact, the 16.8m first-day views for her latest track ‘Bon Appetit’ broke her own record – set in 2013 with her single ‘Roar’.

According to Variety, Perry’s latest track has also helped her set new records for the most channel views in a single day (more than 25m) and the highest number of playlist adds in a single day (84k).

Perry has long been one of the bigger hitters on YouTube, of course: her official Vevo channel has 22.6 million subscribers and just over 12bn lifetime views, while her secondary non-Vevo channel has 325.5m views and 776k subscribers.

‘Bon Appetit’ has some way to go before it catches up to Perry’s most popular videos on YouTube though: a week on from its release, it has 65.1m views at the time of writing.

Three years on from its release, ‘Roar’ is currently at 2.01bn views, ahead of ‘Dark Horse’ (1.89bn) and ‘Firework’ (944.2m).

Stuart Dredge

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