95% of Gen-Z use YouTube and half can’t live without it


Millennials? Pfft, they’re LAST year’s buzzword to bang on about at tech conferences. This year it’s all about Generation Z (Gen-Z for short).

That’s roughly people born between 1996 and 2010 – so aged between seven and 20 – although as with millennials, there are some definitions that vary the boundaries.

AdWeek and Defy Media have teamed up for a survey of 13-20 year-olds (surveying under-13s has pitfalls) to find out what Gen-Z is doing with its digital time, anyway.

For example, 95% of them use YouTube, with 50% saying they couldn’t live without it. 69% use Instagram; 67% apiece use Facebook and Snapchat and 52% use Twitter, while lower down, 29% use Tumblr; 18% use Twitch; 16% use Reddit and 14% use

AdWeek’s infographic makes it clear how much clout online celebrities have among Gen-Z too: 70% would trust their advice for buying tech gadgets while only 21% would trust mainstream celebrities for that.

Meanwhile, 79% of respondents were “always or sometimes OK” with branded content, when a celebrity talks about why they like or use a brand.

Although with a few recent examples of influencer marketing gone wrong (the infamous Fyre festival for example) we wonder whether that trust could be eroded quite quickly.

Written by: Stuart Dredge