Spotify’s Matt Ogle leaves for new job at Instagram


Spotify product manager Matt Ogle has announced that he has left the company for a new job at Instagram.

Ogle was the public face of several of Spotify’s algorithmic discovery features, including its Discover Weekly and Daily Mix playlists.

“Some news: last month I finished up at Spotify! After 12+ yrs in music, I’m trying something new — at one of my all-time fave services,” Ogle wrote in a tweet yesterday.

“So, hello, @instagram! I’m so excited to start building things here with an incredible NYC-based group… Meanwhile, watch out for personalisation + discovery goodness still to come at @Spotify — darn proud of those teams & what they’ll do next.”

As Ogle himself has always been keen to point out, Spotify has built strength in depth around discovery, recommendations and machine-learning – not least with several of its startup acquisitions in recent years.

The former and This Is My Jam man was a persuasive advocate for Spotify’s efforts in this area though.

“At Spotify we care about music discovery because we do want artists to be heard, and to find their fans and make real fan, not just drive-by listeners. So it’s absolutely something we wake up every day thinking about,” he told us in March 2016.

“I do think it’s how do you package it: how do you present it, how do you take the intimidating-ness out of it, the fear factor out of it?”

Stuart Dredge

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