Amanda Palmer talks about Twitter’s culture change


As part of an interview talking about her work with crowdfunding community Patreon, musician Amanda Palmer had some interesting things to say about social networks.

“I’ve watched the culture of Twitter change dramatically in the last year, which I find upsetting because Twitter felt to me in 2008 and 2009 to be the absolute antidote to the internet not being centralised,” she told Mashable.

“All the sudden all the people that I liked and I knew were centralised on Twitter, but now it’s become again decentralised. The clubhouse feel of Twitter is disintegrating. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love Twitter. It’s incredibly useful, but the locus of the internet keeps changing.”

Palmer suggested that Facebook is now fulfilling that role, although she’s not super-happy about it.

“You watch everyone gravitate toward Facebook where it’s not serving the community purpose totally fairly, totally democratically… I’m like fascinated by what is happening with Facebook and whether it will sustain because how long can you run a sh*tty bar and expect that people are going to show up, talk to their friends, buy the overpriced drinks, deal with the sh*tty lighting and just stay where they’re going?”

Stuart Dredge

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