Coldplay get a companion app for Hypnotised – co-created by Brian Eno


It’s unusual in 2017 to see a new app from a major artist pop up in our RSS feed of new iOS music apps. The title ‘Coldplay: Hypnotised’ made us prick up our ears this morning though.

It’s a genuine release for the band, billed as an “official companion app to Coldplay’s Hypnotised’. That’s a track from the band’s recent ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP, which is currently part of their live set.

And the app? “It has two purposes, really: if you’re reading this at one of our shows, you could play the app when we start the song Hypnotised and it will sound magical,” explains its App Store listing.

“Or if you’re somewhere else, you could play the app with the song playing on another device. Love Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will.”


The app has been released by developer Opal Limited, Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers’ generative-music startup, which has released apps like Scape and Reflection for Eno’s music, as well as standalone music tools.

The Coldplay app includes a note confirming that it was created by Eno and Chilvers, based on their existing Bloom app. This 2012 interview with the Guardian has more detail on the pair’s work.

Stuart Dredge

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