The BPI has now sent 312m takedowns to Google


Life comes at you fast when you’re reporting on how many takedown notices music-industry bodies have sent to Google.

Yesterday, TorrentFreak reported that UK body the BPI had passed the 310m notices mark. This morning, that stands at 312m.

Whatever the figure, the BPI is the most active rightsholder in sending Google these notices: well ahead of anti-piracy group APDIF’s Mexican (188.3m) and Brazilian (171.7m) groups, with the RIAA the sixth biggest source of takedown notices with 87.2m.

In the last month alone, the BPI has requested 11.2m URLs to be removed from Google’s public search listings, with Google’s transparency report revealing that 99.8% of URLS reported by the body are ultimately removed.

“The battle would be a whole lot easier if intermediaries played fair,” a BPI spokesperson told TorrentFreak.

“They need to take more proactive responsibility to reduce infringing content that appears on their platform, and, where we expressly notify infringing content to them, to ensure that they do not only take it down, but also keep it down… More than one in 10 of the entire world’s notices to Google come from BPI. This year alone, one in every three notices sent to Google from BPI is for independent record label repertoire.”

Stuart Dredge

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