CISAC boss: ‘We are in a medieval dark digital age’


CISAC president and laser-spurting musician Jean-Michel Jarre has been speaking out again about the ‘value gap’ and the music industry’s relationships with big-tech giants.

“We must solve the problem of the sustainable economy for culture. The fact that you get $1,000 dollars after 10 million clicks on YouTube. When YouTube is making billions of dollars on the back of cultural content,” he told Billboard.

“That’s not more money going to everybody. It’s more money for these companies and just a tiny, tiny percentage for everybody else. It’s as if we’re in a medieval dark digital age, where you have the king getting all the money and all the rest of the population starving.”

Jarre welcomed the recent copyright-reform proposals by the European Commission, but had some friendly words for the big-tech companies – albeit with a sting in the tale.

“We should stop thinking that Google or Apple are our enemies. They are not our enemies. The people behind these platforms are big music fans,” he said, before warning that they could follow MySpace down the dumper.

“If the next generation [starts to think of tech giants] as being the biggest marketing machine exploiting them – and exploiting the world the way that they are at the moment – they could just massively reject these systems and create something else…”

Stuart Dredge

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