Spotify adds group playlists for Facebook Messenger


Spotify is boosting its integration with Facebook Messenger, two months after launching a ‘chat extension’ for the messaging app. This morning, Spotify has launched a new feature called ‘Group Playlists for Messenger’ which focuses on the collaboration element of streaming playlists.

“Users can now create a Group Playlist, share it with their friends, and add songs to it directly within the Messenger app using the Spotify Chat Extension,” is how Spotify is describing the new feature.

“Once a friend has created a Group Playlist, others in the conversation can add more songs directly through the Spotify Chat Extension, available by tapping the blue “+” icon next to the composer — even if they’re not on Spotify.”

Spotify Group Playlists Facebook Messenger

Meaningful or a gimmick? It’s too early to tell: there’s little evidence that streaming users are desperate to create collaborative music playlists within Facebook Messenger – but then there’s also little evidence that they won’t find the feature appealing if and when they discover it.

The sheer scale of Messenger (and messaging apps more generally) justifies Spotify and rivals experimenting to see what flies on them though.

This morning’s launch is also a further sign that Spotify’s current strategy sees social as something that happens outside its core service, which recently lost its internal ‘inbox’ messaging feature.

That’s the riposte to an interesting opinion piece on Fast Company this week suggesting that Spotify “should become a social network” by doubling down on its internal social features, as well as a recent Medium blog post calling for it to add Snapchat / Instagram-style ‘stories’.

Perhaps Spotify’s social strategy will swing back towards internal features at some point – we suspect stories could work best as a feature for musicians to post and fans to view and share, if we’re honest – but for now the focus appears to be more on experimenting with Facebook in particular, to leverage the ubiquity of its apps.

Stuart Dredge

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