Gig FM is latest livestreaming-video app focused on music


British startup’s claim to be “the world’s first music livestreaming app” is a bit of a stretch: Busker, Flits and Netstage are three examples that got there before it.

Still, the idea remains interesting: an app that offers live-video features like YouNow, and, but with an emphasis on helping musicians connect with a mobile audience.

“You can talk to broadcasters by commenting, and even request your favourite song to be performed live in front of you,” explains its pitch to fans on its website. “You can also emoji-like and send fun gifts that get you noticed by the whole audience at the top of the screen.”

Artists will be able to withdraw those gifts as PayPal cash, while also ‘cropping out’ songs from their broadcasts to save to their profiles as ‘covers’ – which fans can then browse and either rewatch as videos or listen to as audio-only content.

Needless to say, if an app like takes off in this way as a “huge library of saved covers” then publishers will be eager to understand its licensing processes.

Stuart Dredge

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