Inside the ‘Browse pitching process’ for Spotify


Cash Music’s blog has published a long piece exploring the evolving environment of Spotify playlists, from an independent standpoint concerned about the role major labels are playing.

There’s some good detail: for example one anonymous major-label playlist-brand employee’s description of the pitching process to get a major-owned playlist on to Spotify’s Browse homepage.

“You try to present it in the best light, like how many followers, how many streams. What is the history like? Is the graph of growth going steadily up or did it actually peak this time last year?” they said.

“Have the audience lost interest in the name of the playlist or the style of music, or perhaps are you as a company not putting enough effort into it? They will analyse it. But they are currently not open for any pitches for Browse submissions. I don’t know if that’s going to happen in the foreseeable future, but I imagine they will because it hasn’t been updated for some time.”

There’s plenty more in the piece, which digs in to the efforts of majors to find a foothold in an environment that remains dominated by Spotify’s own playlists and curatorial instincts.

Stuart Dredge

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