DeStorm Power ‘Caught’ series claims 10m+ views an episode


American social star DeStorm Power has built up a decent audience on YouTube thanks to his own musical channel, and his appearances in the Epic Rap Battles of History show.

In 2017, he has a new music-related hit on his hands: a show called Caught. Heavily inspired by R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, it’s described as a “hip hopera” with a convoluted plot and lots of guest appearances from other online-video stars.

“I remember how hooked the world was to Trapped in the Closet when it was released a decade ago and decided to create my own story in a similar series-like format,” Power told industry site Tubefilter.

Caught isn’t just for YouTube, however: its episodes are also being published through Storm’s Facebook page to boost its reach. He claims that new episodes, which are released every Sunday, average 10m-12m views apiece. “Caught is technically the biggest series on the internet and possibly the world,” he says.

The breakdown in views is interesting: episode eight, for example, generated 7.4m views on Facebook, 4.9m on Instagram and only 1.7m on YouTube. That said, this was a peak: episode 10, for example, did around 7m in total across the three platforms.

Stuart Dredge

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