Amazon and Google launch smart-speaker flash sales


Don’t underestimate Amazon and Google’s determination to get their smart speakers – the Echo family and Google Home respectively – into as many homes as possible.

Amazon has launched an aggressive sale for the Echo as part of its ‘Prime Day’ event, halving the main Echo’s price to $89.99 in the US, while offering a 30% discount on its Echo Dot to $34.99.

Google, meanwhile, has launched its own flash-sale on its Home speaker, knocking $30 off the price to make it $99.

Both are trying to boost the footprint of their devices, possibly with one eye on the launch later this year of Apple’s rival HomePod speaker.

Talking of which… a new survey conducted by investment firm Raymond James claims that 14% of iPhone owners are planning to buy a HomePod when it is released in December.

That’s less than the 16% of iPhone owners who say they’re planning to buy an Echo device, while just 2% are eyeing a Google Home.

It’s a highly-selective audience – we’d like to see a similar survey for Android owners for example – and also a survey based on intent rather than people actually making purchases yet.

With HomePod set to be priced at $349, it will be a different tier of product to the Echo family and Google Home – this won’t be a straight battle for volume of sales.

Stuart Dredge

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