Remember Mighty? The company raised $300k on Kickstarter in early 2016 for its iPod Shuffle-like gadget that would play the owner’s Spotify music “on the go without a smartphone”.

Yet the company missed its two-tiered May 2016 and November 2016 shipping dates, sparking concerns that it would end up as vapourware.

Thankfully, it didn’t: having fulfilled all its pre-orders, the $85 Mighty device is now on general sale. Wired has a good profile of founder Anthony Mendelson outlining some of the challenges he met along the way.

“His team redesigned its product. Figured out how to build and ship them in big numbers. Built the requisite iOS and Android apps. Worked with Spotify on a new certification program, then spent months waiting for Spotify to negotiate terms with the record labels. And at long last, shipped some stuff.”

The piece also talks about discussion with Spotify about the original official-brand green splashes on the device (Spotify wasn’t keen) and suggests that while a little clunky, Mighty does hint at more potential for Spotify-powered hardware in the future.

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