Songstack and Albums! apps build on Spotify and Apple Music APIs


This isn’t a new thought, but the competition between Spotify and Apple Music isn’t just for the ears (and wallets) of music listeners: it’s also for the support of developers and startups.

Spotify’s platform is well established while Apple’s is in its earlier stages – although due a big boost this year with its MusicKit initiative. So we’re keeping a close eye on new music apps that support one or the other (or both).

For example, a pair of new apps released this week fall on either side of the fence.

Songstack requires a Spotify Premium account to use, and is a music discovery app that “gives control back to the listener” by enabling them to create ‘stacks’ of songs tuned by attributes like popularity, acousticness, energy and danceability, and then swipe tracks Tinder-style to improve the recommendations.

Albums! meanwhile (yes, the exclamation point is part of its name) invites people to “box your music… the easiest access to your library and can experience listening to music without endless playlists”. In that sense, it’s an alternative to the default Music app on iOS, taking its cues from traditional CD collections.

These apps may turn out to be niches, but the ebb and flow of developers choosing whether to support Spotify or Apple Music will be a useful signifier as the two services continue to compete.

Stuart Dredge

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