SoundCloud debuts video series in partnership with The Fader


Now may not seem the most opportune time for SoundCloud to be investing in original video content that lives outside its core service.

But the streaming service has partnered with The Fader to make a series of six shows about underground music scenes, which will air at the rate of a new episode every month on SoundCloud’s YouTube channel.

The first ‘SoundCloud Next Wave’ episode explores Los Angeles’ goth-rap artists, with scenes in Rio, Toronto, New York, London and Berlin to follow.

The news came as artists continued to weigh in on SoundCloud’s strategy for recovering from its current financial woes. Deadmau5 had his say yesterday on Twitter.

“I’ve got my 40 bucks on Spotify waving a cheque in someone’s face for their user db,” he wrote, before suggesting an alternative strategy to remain independent.

“First of all, I’d put money into securing the service, and stop collecting user data outside of userIDS, then I would rebrand it. After that, I would integrate a Creative Commons license for independent labels to seek license from its users on a person to person basis.”

“From there, indie artists can then continue to use the platform without being buried by ‘sponsored content’ from whore mongering labels… Has no one ever thought of charging the major labels to use the site as a bespoke / staffed music resource for new acts? Okay.”

Stuart Dredge

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