Pandora adds new features to its Artist Marketing Platform


Despite the changes going on at the top of the company, new investor Sirius XM included, Pandora is pressing on with improvements to one of its more successful features: its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP).

New elements include specific options to promote a live show or single using an ‘artist audio message’ on Pandora, with geotargeting and ticket-buying links in the former case, and the ability to tie a message to a specific track in the latter.

Pandora says it’s also improving the targeting for its ‘featured tracks’ option, where artists can pay to get their song placed in relevant stations on the streaming service’s free tier.

Pandora also announced a new milestone for AMP alongside the new features: more than 14k artist audio messages have been heard by its listeners one billion times since the launch of those messages in early 2015. Meanwhile, more than 11,000 artists are now using AMP.

Stuart Dredge

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