Kumo aims to provide social features lacking on SoundCloud


With third-party developers building a growing number of apps using the APIs of Spotify and Apple Music, perhaps the developer community can also help SoundCloud plot its next moves forward.

One team that was calling itself Overcast, but which appears to have quickly rebranded as Thndr Kumo to avoid confusion with popular podcasts app Overcast, is trying to plug some of SoundCloud’s social gaps.

“Get a live feed of what your friends are currently listening to, or keep up to date with what your favourite artists are listening to,” is how it pitches the idea.

People can also click a play button to listen live with friends, as well as browsing a discovery tab showing the most recently-played tracks across Kumo. Kumo is an extension for the Chrome web browser, and essentially delivers the equivalent of Spotify’s ‘Friend Activity’ sidebar.

“I always liked this feature on Spotify and was upset that SoundCloud didn’t provide a similar feature, so we made it ourselves,” developer Nikola Draca wrote in a Product Hunt thread.

While a nice idea, it IS still just a feature that SoundCloud’s own developers could create, rather than a standalone business model in the making.

This story was updated to reflect the extension’s name-change from Thndr to Kumo.

Stuart Dredge

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