Paperchain launches survey on unattributed music royalties


Startup Paperchain has launched a survey to gauge the scale of the music industry’s problem with unattributed royalties and unidentified rights owners.

The company is hoping to receive responses from publishers, labels, collecting societies, artists (and thus managers), digital service providers and distributors.

“We want to understand the perception of these topics by those working in the industry. The results will be compiled and made freely available as an industry resource,” Paperchain told Music Ally.

The survey asks questions about people’s awareness of the issues of unattributed royalties and unidentified rightsholders, as well as asking for their personal experiences of the problem, and their thoughts on how it might be solved.

Topical subjects, at a time when Spotify is facing a new pair of songwriter lawsuits over its publishing licensing.

Stuart Dredge

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