Aftercluv is the recently created dance music division of Universal Music Latin America. With both a global vision and reach, Aftercluv is a 360-platform dedicated to electronic-dance entertainment and culture comprised of a record label, talent services, booking agency, branded partnerships, media (blog, 4 radio shows, 1 radio station, podcast, 2 TV shows) and special events organization. Aftercluv has offices in 9 countries and 12 cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, San Jose, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Madrid and Lisbon.

Aftercluv is seeking an ambitious and eager Marketing and A&R Manager for its US division, with a passion and knowledge of dance & electronic music. The position can be taken in either Los Angeles or Miami. This role will include, but is not limited to:

1.Marketing: Plan, direct, execute and monitor marketing strategies for both our talent roster and our lifestyle brand with the objective of achieving the label’s strategic goals.

2.A&R: Lead the administrative tasks of the A&R process interacting with the business affairs and finance areas. Participate in the identification and nurturing of new artists and repertoire. Work together with our artists in song production and creative content generation.

Job Functions:


-Day to day operation:

-Plan, direct, organize, execute and control artist campaigns

>Define the positioning of the artist. Why is the artist unique? What makes him different from the plethora of artists out there? Develop the artist story.

>Work effectively in the strategic planning of the projects.

>Create timelines for releases/campaigns

>Create and maintain marketing budgets

>Monitoring success. Work to maximize revenues and earnings. P&L administration of the projects.

-Research data within UMG’s diverse information services for decision taking

-Weekly one-sheets on projects (development of the project, radio, press, blogs, digital updates and key data)

-Follow up on execution by various departments and provide timely updates

-Permanent search of New Business Development opportunities

Qualities: organized, proactive, great story-teller, efficient in time management

-Platform outreach and relationship management:

-Pitch releases for streaming service playlisting & other key partners

>Provide marketing drivers for Commerce team

-Create opportunities with media partners

>blog outreach, social platform partnerships and contesting, radio campaign oversight

Qualities: confident, self-starter, motivated, strong industry knowledge, curious, competitive

-Direct and supervise exciting and effective creative to support the music and message

-Develop and coordinate videos, artworks and other visual content

-Coordinate events

-Create and develop ideas for the label brand and its various platforms (TV and radio shows, online vertical, special events, etc.)

Qualities: creative thinker, good aesthetic, curious, knowledgeable of creative landscape

-Manage external relationships

-Effective communication with artist management

-Develop relationships with industry and the music community

Qualities: problem solving, patience, personality, great networking skills


-Work with the A&R Administration and Finance departments to evaluate feasibility on each project. Deliver sales projections information for the P&L and Project Evaluation. Follow through on this key process.

-Deliver basic terms to the Legal Departments for contract creation. Follow up for a timely delivery of the contract to the artist. Follow through on this key process.

-Identify and nurture new artists to evaluate possible signing to company roster

>Conduct permanent research online and offline, travel to creative hubs, engage with managers, producers, indie labels

>Develop a close relationship with the artist, gain his trust.

>Primary negotiation with managers and lawyers / financial analysis (project evaluation) to measure the feasibility of the projects.

-Find and develop repertoire for the label’s new and existing roster. Work with producers, songwriters to create memorable hit songs, simply put: TIRELESSLY SEARCH AND WORK TO DELIVER GLOBAL HIT SMASHES.

>Engage and nurture great relationships with the creative community to achieve this (publishers, songwriters, producers, DJs, artists, musicians, third party scouts, A&Rs from sister labels).

>Interview / select producers and writers to work on specific repertoire for specific artists

>When defining the artistic direction of a project, a process of researching different writers and producers is taken into action not only to receive and analyze new material, but to execute writing seminars and have writers and artist to do trial versions of songs and production approach sessions to determine the best artistic direction for a project and its songs.

>When recording new material and releasing new material, confirmation of writer splits and publisher confirmation

>Detect and advise business affairs of any existing collaboration or guest artists with enough time to make all pertaining legal actions / Supervising and securing all clearances and artist waivers

-Work with video producers and artists to create music and lyric videos

>Work with legal and finance departments for video contracts, advances and backend payments.

-Work with artists and graphic designers on Artworks, work on legal paperwork to secure properly artwork rights

-Conduct photo shoots, work on legal paperwork to secure properly photos rights

-Work on remixes and versions of current repertoire

-Have a business sense when in the middle of the process of developing a project, think ahead to develop video content, behind the scenes.

-Supervise final recordings, mixes and masterings. Give final label approval.

Qualities: Highly organized, great interpersonal skills and understanding of internal processes, problem solver, personality, good aesthetic, curious, knowledgeable of creative landscape, great networking skills.

Job Requirements:


-Great personality and knowledge to gain the trust of artists, managers and the creative community (producers, writers, publishers, etc.)

-Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, must have the ability to write and convey marketing and A&R strategies to the teams within the label, as well as to management and the artist.

-Must be able to understand and be able to communicate in Spanish in a good level

-Essential platforms knowledge: Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Online Advertising, Youtube, Google and Facebook Analytics, Digital Media savvy.

-Photoshop and video editing basic knowledge.

-Strong organizational and time management skills, including prioritization and follow through.

-Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, including adaptability, collaboration and the ability to establish quick rapport.

-Ability to work in a fast pace under pressure.

-Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

-Proven ability to think ahead, engage proactively and take initiative.

-Demonstrated attention to detail and dedication to high quality work.

-Ability to keep information highly confidential.

-Aware of trends in fashion, music and culture.

-Passion for music and even more for dance music.


-Minimum 2 years of experience in marketing in the entertainment industry.
-Dance-electronic music insight is crucial.


-Bachelor’s Degree

Universal Music Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This job description only provides an overview of job responsibilities that are subject to change.

To Apply:

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