Could blockchain power an industry-wide music startup sandbox?


One of the potential benefits of blockchain technology could be its ability to power an industry-wide ‘sandbox’ of pre-cleared music for startups to experiment with.

That’s according to several interviewees for Music Ally’s blockchain report, which was published this week for our subscribers.

“You could create a developer’s licence,” said Benji Rogers of Dot Blockchain. “If you’re developing an application, you can have up to 10,000 uses for free, and once you get to 10,000, the obligation is $100 or whatever it is. And you’ll be able to watch the startup world flourish. The blockchain will sit there and say, ‘I can tell every single play you’ve done, and you just hit the threshold so now it’s time to license.’ What a beautiful world that would be.”

UK-based consultant Becky Brook, who works with several blockchain startups, also sees the potential for such an initiative.

“Something approaching an industry-wide sandbox: probably not for commercial launches, but to get small services up and running, and testing, and maybe even launching on a smaller scale. You could do that quite quickly using blockchain technology,” Brook told us.

“I think rightsholders would be relatively supportive of something like this at the closed-beta innovation stage. How that then expands from being a development-only sandbox to commercialisation at a certain scale is another question. But it’s an idea that can definitely go a lot further in the medium-to-long term.”

Stuart Dredge

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