Esperanza Spalding to record new album on Facebook Live


From in-studio snaps to live performances and webchats, artists have been digitally giving fans insights into their recording process for some time.

Jazz artist Esperanza Spalding is going a few steps further though: she’s planning to write and record her next album in the studio over a 77-hour period, while broadcasting the entire experience on Facebook Live.

It’s very much a creative endeavour rather than a marketing gimmick. “I think of it creatively as a context where you give all that’s been cooking in there permission to come out at will,” she told the New York Times.

“I thought: I just need a break from framing. I’m tired of backing everything up and explaining why this character does this and that.”

There’s an entertaining backdrop of possible tension with her label over creative control on previous albums too.

“I somehow convinced the label to pay for this, and I’m eternally grateful for that. And they can’t do anything about what happens, because the record is being made as we do this thing,” she said.

The recording process may be documented digitally, but the album itself won’t be distributed that way: it will be CD and vinyl only.

Stuart Dredge

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