Sony/ATV teams up with social-compilations label Heard Well


Publisher Sony/ATV has signed an extremely interesting deal with Heard Well, the compilations label co-founded by YouTuber Connor Franta that gets other social stars to curate its releases.

Described as a “publishing partnership”, the deal will see Sony/ATV swooping in to sign artists discovered by Heard Well’s curators. Or at least, that’s the ambition.

But it’s the other part of the deal that’s more interesting to us: “Heard Well will provide a platform for Sony/ATV’s own new songwriting talent via compilation albums the label releases,” according to the publisher.

“We’re diving deep into the search for our first artist project and can’t wait to shed that spotlight sooner than you think,” added Franta.

This could be about getting tracks from Sony/ATV’s emerging songwriters onto Heard Well albums with the endorsement of their influencers. But you can also imagine projects where Heard Well tries to match up artists with Sony/ATV’s repertoire for covers. A partnership to watch.

Written by: Stuart Dredge